Thursday, 5 June 2014

Before & After using Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan

Rather unloved Art Nouveau pot cupboard

Whilst travelling around looking for lovely new items for the shop, I found this very unloved and in need of lots tender loving care.....sweet little pot cupboard! Its beautiful art nouveau detailing cried out to be rejuvenated  and the scratches plus missing handle, encouraged me to rescue it.
As anyone who knows me will tell you, the more unloved an item is, the more I often love it..(which explains our deaf dog, partially sighted ferrets etc). Instead of turning to my trusty choices of Old White or Paris Grey  Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan,

I though how about Emile and Henrietta Chalk Paint tm, with a hint of Antoinette Chalk Paint tm dry brushed  over the detail  and then I just had to find a vintage handle to replace the missing one.... and take a look!

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Well here it is....what do you think? I am rather pleased with it and hope it finds the perfect home soon....
Take care Jilly xx

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Here is next group of Jilly Tilly & Boo 18 High Street Wellington Somerset. TA21 8RA

Wednesday 30th April - 3.00 pm Lampshades 30x30 £35 bring your own fabric
Thursday 1st May - 11.30 am Official Paint Basic 1 (1 space left 24.4.14) £45
Tuesday 13th May -11.00 am Pattern Rollers Beginners £30 (Helen Moorish Idol)
Saturday 17th May - 1.30 pmPaint Basic 1 Already Full
Thursday 22nd May - 6.45 pm Official Paint Basic 1 - to be confirmed
Saturday 31st May - 2.30 pm Lampshades 30x30 £35 bring your own fabric
Wednesday 4th June - 6.45 pm Official Paint Basic 1 - to be confirmed
Saturday 7th June - 1.30 pm Official Paint Basic 1  £45
Wednesday 18th June - 5.00 pm Lampshades 30x30 as above
Thursday 19th June - 1.00 pm Official Paint Basic 1 £45
Wednesday 25th June - 6.45 pm Official Paint Basic 1 - to be confirmed

Decoupage dates to be confirmed...for June 2014
We also offer a range of sewing workshops too! Run by Roz Boyer which include "Get to know your own sewing machine" and Basic cushion making for beginners. You can call Roz on 07738 059289 for details & dates.
Very soon we will be offering to those who have attended an Official Annie Sloan Basic Paint 1 workshop, the opportunity to bring in a small piece furniture to paint & wax at JT&B with expert advice included, if you wish to be added to our mailing list please advise on
If you have already attended an Official Basic Paint 1 please ask for details on a basic paint 2 which includes gilding, stenciling, transfers, crackled effect.
Use A Painted House Patterned Roller
Try your hand at decoupage...

Official Annie Sloan Basic Paint 1 Workshop

 You could make one of these.....

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New Blog by Really Pretty Useful

What a lovely day at the shop, with lots of new customers and old ones to dropping by and then I received a copy of this lovely link as well! Do take a look, lots of useful tips....cookery, upcycling and much more....

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Were my prayers answered? by Jilly

We had this lovely old antique Victorian Harmonium/pump organ in our shop for awhile, which I had kind of rescued because I wanted to find the perfect home, rather than it just used for display in yet another pub or themed restaurant.
So as it had been in the shop for 4 weeks, I said to my husband David, " I really hope and pray that someone walks in soon who lives in a chapel, can read music and wants to learn how to play the harmonium!" Really thinking to myself what is the likelihood of that......

Well the next day was a really lovely busy Saturday, with lots of old and new customers stopping by for a look at all the furniture, gifts, handmade cushions and of course Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Well at about 3 pm two ladies walked in and started talking excitedly at the rear of the shop, and then as I walked nearer to them one said to me, "I live in a chapel, I can read music and I would love to learn how to play the Harmonium, and its my birthday next week."  So after her telling her the very reasonable price, she went hope to persuade her husband to buy it for her birthday present! 
Now this lovely Harmonium is living happily in a chapel again......
Take care and think positive thoughts!
Love Jilly

Thursday, 23 January 2014

We have arrived at 18 High Street......

Our New Shop 18 High Street

Chic window....
At last we are finally in our new shop and we opened on 7th January 2014 at 10 am, it is just so wonderful to have windows that we can display in!!! I really can't believe our good fortune to find and move into this lovely shop, it has I must say been hard work but well worth it. Can I also add a big thank you to David for all the extra hours he put in and to the boys...thanks for helping at home and putting up with parents who talk incessantly about Chalk Paint TM Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan ( & homework), and of course to Annie for having the faith in us in the first place.
Just saying........ xx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Jilly Tilly & Boo

Hi there,

Sorry I have been such a stranger on my blog but I have been painting everything in Chalk Paint TM Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan, both for myself and customers too! Then of course there are the workshops, moving home and family commitments as well....(dogs and ferrets must be included).

So if you are around Wellington Somerset do pop up the stairs at 7b High Street, we are open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. Tel: 07580030198

This weekend I am out and about at "All things Vintage and Lovely" at Woodlands Castle Ruishton, Taunton. TA3 5LU 
So look out for me doing paint demostrations........ even David will there to help out. Roz Boyer will be manning the shop, and she is available to help and advise you both with regards to our lovely Chalk Paint TM/ soft clear wax and her handmade items.
Official Annie Sloan Paint Workshops
Vintage China and handmade bunting and cushions...
Painted and unpainted vintage furniture available.....

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan at Jilly Tilly and Boo..

Well what fun I have been having, okay I must admit to absolutely loving painting and working at my shop Jilly, Tilly and Boo in Wellington Somerset. Some day soon I will adjust the heading on this page but of course the lovely photograph of my (late) darling Mother will have to stay...
So many lovely pieces of furniture have come my way and then been rehomed, with new caring and owners who wanted that vintage look, that I do feel I have found my calling.
I will try and download some photographs now, so fingers crossed and then off to the library to pick up my youngest son! Oh dear there are a few more than I thought..878 to be precise, so I think I should look and pick a few of the best and put them on later!!! We have had tables, plate racks, stools, wooden crates, bookcases, wardrobes, welsh dressesr, french dressers, desks, dressing tables and so much more...
Most of them leave painted in  Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan, so it can be quite sad to see them go, as I can become a little attached!

Here are a few.....lots to more to follow!! xx