Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas Fun!

Hi  All,
I have finally managed to workout how to use Blogger again, so be prepared to get a few more posts.

Who would have thought that it was almost Christmas, I can't believe that it is the 10th December already and all I have done is organise the shops decorations....

Now I must start thinking about our home, and the hunt for a suitable Christmas tree & accessories. What shall we have this year? Real or faux? Then gold & silver together or retro....or vintage upcycle? I will mull it over tonight with perhaps a mulled wine (pardon the pun), and see what I think by morning. I have got my eye on these in our shop, what do you think?

Classic Baubles😉

All I have to do is make sure no one buys them!
Any way good luck everyone with getting ready for Christmas and all that present wrapping and good a little wine.

Next thought... we will have decide on goose or turkey? Are there too many choices?

Well off I go to serve a few customers.....
Love Jilly xxxxx