Saturday, 29 August 2015

Our Little Tilly Ferret

Well recently our little ferret friend called Tilly passed away quite suddenly and fortunately my eldest son Nathaniel was with her at the time. So after lots of tears she had a little funeral in the garden and when we went to a local Devon beach recently, we actually found a heart shaped pebble to act as her marker. Her BFF Leila is now quite lonely and missing her company, so on Monday we will have a look at some rescue ferrets to see if we can find her a new companion. Although Tilly will always be in my heart! xx

Tilly was part polecat and a great painting partner!


Leila has only one eye!

A beautiful close up of Tilly

Last Christmas xx

Friday, 31 July 2015

Coming soon....

August Newsletter
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Jilly Tilly & Boo Newsletter

August 2015

At the time of writing this I’m wondering what on earth has happened to the weather! I was going to start with “I hope you’re enjoying the summer” but at the moment that seems a little misplaced. Oh well I’m certain it’ll improve so this month’s tip is all about using your Chalk Paint outside!
Our very popular Workshops begin again in September. Plus every Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday evening throughout October and November, we are running various “Paint and Make Your Present” workshops. Prices will start from £10 per person..
Top Tip – when using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ in the garden, apply as usual (but not too thickly and remember you can add a little water to thin the paint down) then leave the item in a dry place at least overnight. You need to wipe down the item with a damp cloth, do this before it gets rained on (don’t apply wax outside as it “blooms” when it gets wet) and then it’s ready to use. I generally put my items back outside on a nice sunny day…let’s hope we get some more!
Coming Soon from Annie Sloan
Annie is introducing a range of wall paints. Retaining the fabulous pigments and usability, these high quality paints can be applied with a roller or brush and are washable and scrubbable (is that even a word?).

From Dull to Decadent
Our current project was an unassuming chest of drawers with ideas above its station! We’ve painted it in French Linen and are gradually covering it with decoupage flowers and butterflies cut from paper napkins. This gives a really lovely soft and aged effect. I’m just grateful that Dave is so good with the scissors – far more delicate than me! The top is nearly finished and the flowers are now trailing down the front. Not sure where we’ll stop . . .
If you have a project you’d like to share please send us a photo.

Dates for Your Diary:
We virtually stopped workshops over the holiday period, as lots of you are either away or very busy. We’re restarting in September so here are the dates. Full details will be on our website –
19th September Saturday at 1.00pm – Official Annie Sloan Basic Paint 1 £57
14th October Wednesday at 6.00pm – Official Annie Sloan Basic Paint 1 £57
7th November Saturday at 2.00pm – Lampshades £35
14th November Saturday at 2.00pm – Roller Printing on Fabric £32
21st November Saturday at 1.00 pm – Official Annie Sloan Basic Paint 1 £57
Plus every Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday evening throughout October and November, we are running various “Paint and Make Your Present” workshops. Prices will start from £10 per person and include:
  • Paint and wax candle sticks, wooden heart trays & trugs
  • Christmas hearts
  • Print your own wrapping paper
  • Decoupage hearts
More details and prices in the next Newsletter.
Dates to Suit You
As well as the “diary dates” we’re happy to hold Patterned RollerCushion andLampshade workshops for a minimum of two people at a date and time to suit you. Give us a call on 01823 762354.

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine - 1 to 1 tuition using your sewing machine, covering general maintenance, basic stitches and practical help to give you the confidence to get sewing. Either come to the shop or at your home.
Cost £30 for 2 and a half hours.
If you are interested in anything that we don’t have dates for please let us know and we’ll do our best to arrange it.

And finally some exciting news…

Annie has launched a new online gallery for you to share your transformations using her incredibleChalk Paint ™ using the new tag line: Made It My Own with Annie Sloan! But how does it work?

When your project is finished using Chalk Paint ™ by Annie Sloan, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

1. Print out a picture frame
2. Carefully cut out the middle section
3. Hold the frame in front of your finished masterpiece (making sure it’s in the centre of your frame)
4. Take a photo
5. Upload your masterpiece to the Made It My Own Gallery
6. Then SHARE it with your friends and followers on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by using the hashtag #MadeItMyOwn

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Jilly and the Team
01823 762354

Friday, 17 July 2015

#MadeItMyOwn Frame Your Masterpiece

Well we all love to have fun creating our own bespoke items and furniture, the immense pleasure we all get when we stand back and think WOW ... I did that gives us all a feeling of pride!

So now you can actually Frame Your Masterpiece at

 and download your own frame....

A bit like this, but I am sure your efforts will be much better than mine and my multi tasking!

Now off to have another go! I am sure my framing skills will improve...
Take care Jilly xxx

Monday, 6 July 2015

Well it has been a long time!

Time seems to be going so quickly, and here I am yet again at Annie Sloan HQ in Oxford. I must say for me it is a bit like going to to "Graceland" and I always feel so inspired whilst here, even more importantly when I get back home and to the shop in Wellington Somerset.
It is also so lovely to see Annie and all the gang, and see how much HQ has evolved since my last visit (ok only 1 month ago).... I like so many people do love attending workshops, training and developing my knowledge on upholstery, painting and many other topics. Thankfully Annie looks after us so well and inspires us in many ways, and understands how to help us all in our individual shops. Chat later as back to work. Jilly xx