Saturday, 29 August 2015

Our Little Tilly Ferret

Well recently our little ferret friend called Tilly passed away quite suddenly and fortunately my eldest son Nathaniel was with her at the time. So after lots of tears she had a little funeral in the garden and when we went to a local Devon beach recently, we actually found a heart shaped pebble to act as her marker. Her BFF Leila is now quite lonely and missing her company, so on Monday we will have a look at some rescue ferrets to see if we can find her a new companion. Although Tilly will always be in my heart! xx

Tilly was part polecat and a great painting partner!


Leila has only one eye!

A beautiful close up of Tilly

Last Christmas xx

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  1. Oh my God this is so sad to hear! May his soul Rest In Peace. These pictures of Tilly and you son are so cute. He must be missing him now !