Thursday, 7 November 2013

Jilly Tilly & Boo

Hi there,

Sorry I have been such a stranger on my blog but I have been painting everything in Chalk Paint TM Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan, both for myself and customers too! Then of course there are the workshops, moving home and family commitments as well....(dogs and ferrets must be included).

So if you are around Wellington Somerset do pop up the stairs at 7b High Street, we are open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. Tel: 07580030198

This weekend I am out and about at "All things Vintage and Lovely" at Woodlands Castle Ruishton, Taunton. TA3 5LU 
So look out for me doing paint demostrations........ even David will there to help out. Roz Boyer will be manning the shop, and she is available to help and advise you both with regards to our lovely Chalk Paint TM/ soft clear wax and her handmade items.
Official Annie Sloan Paint Workshops
Vintage China and handmade bunting and cushions...
Painted and unpainted vintage furniture available.....

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan at Jilly Tilly and Boo..

Well what fun I have been having, okay I must admit to absolutely loving painting and working at my shop Jilly, Tilly and Boo in Wellington Somerset. Some day soon I will adjust the heading on this page but of course the lovely photograph of my (late) darling Mother will have to stay...
So many lovely pieces of furniture have come my way and then been rehomed, with new caring and owners who wanted that vintage look, that I do feel I have found my calling.
I will try and download some photographs now, so fingers crossed and then off to the library to pick up my youngest son! Oh dear there are a few more than I thought..878 to be precise, so I think I should look and pick a few of the best and put them on later!!! We have had tables, plate racks, stools, wooden crates, bookcases, wardrobes, welsh dressesr, french dressers, desks, dressing tables and so much more...
Most of them leave painted in  Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan, so it can be quite sad to see them go, as I can become a little attached!

Here are a few.....lots to more to follow!! xx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Had a marvellous time!

Well what a super time we all had in New Orleans, our hosts were wonderful and looked after us all. I simply couldn't fault the wonderful service at the hotel (no WIFI for a couple of days), food and drinks always promptly delivered, and the actual conference itself was extremely well organised and informative (Annie Sloan Unfolded Lisa and her team).
Exploring the French Quarter and Frenchman's Street, looking around all the antique & vintage shops, even seeing private collections of Van Gogh, Rockwell etc, I cannot describe how wonderful an experience it truly was! The people all were super, and as usual with all cities we saw the very wealthy to the very poor, and some strange in between sights!!! I must say it was all very varied and extraordinary. Lots of it looked exactly as I thought it would with balconies and bright colours, jazz bands playing in the street and blues singers in the bars.

Well off to bed as I still have jet was worth it!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

Yes it is official....
On Sunday I fly from London Heathrow to Dallas and then onto New Orleans, I must admit I am filled with trepidation at leaving my darling boys, dogs, ferrets, David and my beautiful shop for one whole week! Looking forward to meeting lots of fellow Annie Sloan devotees, as well as the lovely lady herself. I will be talking  “Chalk Paint”™ decorative paint and fabrics all week, and keep having to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. David is in charge of the shop, and opening it Wednesday 10am to 4pm and then normal hours of 10am to 5pm. 
An action shot!

So keep darling husband busy all week while I am away!

Here he is looking smart! (Old photo taken 2010)

We have classes for the official Annie Sloan “Chalk Paint”™  Basic decorative paint techniques on 10th and 15th April, so email or drop into the shop for details.Bon Voyage xxx Jilly

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We love all vintage china!

Whether it is a beautiful extremely old teapot like this one...
or vintage TG Green Cornishware...
Very useful sturdy teapot!
or a lovely Old bowl.....we really our china!
So much so that I have trouble not taking them all home...well I might keep the odd thing! Take care Jilly xxx

Jilly Tilly & Boo's New Look

Take a look at the shop! Wow it has really changed in the last 6 months, there is another WOW, we have been at 7b High Street, Wellington for 6 MONTHS. Where has the time gone, I really can't take it in....

New Look!
The Workshops, the lovely new customers and our weekly regulars have all been wonderful..

I do so love hunting around for new furniture, then getting to paint it with Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT™ decorative paint and now we have cushions in her fabric too!
 It is so wonderful to sit back after the painting and waxing is all finished,  see how much it has changed, and hopefully how wonderful it now looks!Come and visit us soon

A few weeks ago, I was rummaging around a rather cold, dusty and unloved shop...when I spied a beautiful teapot! So instead of cups and saucers I thought that I would show you this beautiful teapot and matching stand. It is either a Victorian or Edwardian one, and it is so amazing to find them still together.

I found these super Victorian pictures and exquisite frames in the workshop/storeroom next door and simply couldn't resist! I have taken them back to Jilly Tilly and Boo and David put them on the wall to keep them from getting damaged, so now I can look at them every day...sweet!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Our Facebook Page

Well today was surprisingly busy, as the weather was so terrible and wet! When will we get more than a couple of days, with some lovely warm sunshine......I can't wait.
I was also excited to see that our Jilly Tilly and Boo's Facebook page has nearly reached 300 LIKES, so it will soon be time to do the prize draw for the last 21 up to 300..yippee! I have also decided to do a prize draw for our regulars within the next 24 hours I will give details of the how the rest can enter as well.
So don't forget to check out the Facebook page...
Our next Annie Sloan official Basic paint techniques course is now full (20/3/13), so I will advise the next date shortly....let me know if you have any requests!
If you need any help or advice just call us we are always happy to help where we can.
Take care and happy days
Jilly Tilly & Boo

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"Don't stop me now!"

If there are 5 minutes spare at any time of the day, I must admit to painting or waxing anything that hasn't already received the Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT™ decorative paint magic touch!

I can often be found in the art room (or sales room number 2) or workshop area which ever it is on the day, paint brush in hand working on several pieces at once. The trick is to use the right brush on the correct bit of furniture and not dip your paint covered brush into your Nespresso! (George Clooney certainly wouldn't approve of that!)
As the best paint ever (as far as I am concerned)... normally goes straight on, without primer, stripping or sanding (see above pic), I can generally paint at least 2 to 5 items depending on just how busy the shop is and size of furniture. This lovely table left the shop so quickly I didn't even get a chance to photograph the finished product... Thankfully the customer did send me one via Facebook see Jilly Tilly & Boo or Jill Llewellyn Sims. Well off to play with the dogs xxx

So much fun!!

Well what super workshops we have had so far, everyone who has attended has been so lovely and so much fun, they have created their own individual practise/mood boards. Some were so beautiful they were even hung on walls afterwards, and have been shown to family & friends.

Next Official Annie Sloan basic paint workshop will be on 2nd March 2013 at 10.30am

Monday, 14 January 2013

Lots and lots to do!

Its been a hectic few months, with lots of painting and organising but at last I feel I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Every day I try to paint (in between customers), and  I do thoroughly enjoy chatting to customers about colours, furniture and vintage china...I truly feel blessed how can they call this working?
I spent Sunday afternoon (with Dave's help), tidying up and clearing out some of the clutter in the I collected so many boxes is beyond me? We have finally taken out the rubbish left by the previous occupant, including half a door that was incorporated in the floor and a hoover which didn't work!
I will put some photographs on later.....take care xx