Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan at Jilly Tilly and Boo..

Well what fun I have been having, okay I must admit to absolutely loving painting and working at my shop Jilly, Tilly and Boo in Wellington Somerset. Some day soon I will adjust the heading on this page but of course the lovely photograph of my (late) darling Mother will have to stay...
So many lovely pieces of furniture have come my way and then been rehomed, with new caring and owners who wanted that vintage look, that I do feel I have found my calling.
I will try and download some photographs now, so fingers crossed and then off to the library to pick up my youngest son! Oh dear there are a few more than I thought..878 to be precise, so I think I should look and pick a few of the best and put them on later!!! We have had tables, plate racks, stools, wooden crates, bookcases, wardrobes, welsh dressesr, french dressers, desks, dressing tables and so much more...
Most of them leave painted in  Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan, so it can be quite sad to see them go, as I can become a little attached!

Here are a few.....lots to more to follow!! xx