Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Had a marvellous time!

Well what a super time we all had in New Orleans, our hosts were wonderful and looked after us all. I simply couldn't fault the wonderful service at the hotel (no WIFI for a couple of days), food and drinks always promptly delivered, and the actual conference itself was extremely well organised and informative (Annie Sloan Unfolded Lisa and her team).
Exploring the French Quarter and Frenchman's Street, looking around all the antique & vintage shops, even seeing private collections of Van Gogh, Rockwell etc, I cannot describe how wonderful an experience it truly was! The people all were super, and as usual with all cities we saw the very wealthy to the very poor, and some strange in between sights!!! I must say it was all very varied and extraordinary. Lots of it looked exactly as I thought it would with balconies and bright colours, jazz bands playing in the street and blues singers in the bars.

Well off to bed as I still have jet was worth it!