Thursday, 28 March 2013

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

Yes it is official....
On Sunday I fly from London Heathrow to Dallas and then onto New Orleans, I must admit I am filled with trepidation at leaving my darling boys, dogs, ferrets, David and my beautiful shop for one whole week! Looking forward to meeting lots of fellow Annie Sloan devotees, as well as the lovely lady herself. I will be talking  “Chalk Paint”™ decorative paint and fabrics all week, and keep having to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. David is in charge of the shop, and opening it Wednesday 10am to 4pm and then normal hours of 10am to 5pm. 
An action shot!

So keep darling husband busy all week while I am away!

Here he is looking smart! (Old photo taken 2010)

We have classes for the official Annie Sloan “Chalk Paint”™  Basic decorative paint techniques on 10th and 15th April, so email or drop into the shop for details.Bon Voyage xxx Jilly

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