Sunday, 9 December 2012

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Here is Jilly and Boo (she is a deaf rescue Parsons Jack Russell terrier aged 5/6 and  here is Tilly (on the right), yes she is a pet ferret age unknown (we have three girls or Jills, two only have one eye each they are Milly & Leila).
So now you know why we are called Jilly Tilly & Boo!

I can't believe its December!

Well the Christmas gift ideas are now in the shop, and people have been checking out the vintage wares we have to give as gifts to friends and relatives.
Its been so busy all week, it was lovely to have a day at home, with the family and do some of my own Christmas shopping.
There have been lots of lovely customers this week, and as always we have debated lots on different subjects including health, wealth and happiness...with lots of interiors information supplied too! The favourite colour this week has been Old Ochre, closely followed by Duck Egg Blue....
Here are a few more present ideas.. as there is simply nothing like a bit of vintage china!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Wow what a time was had by all....

Well what an exciting and busy few weeks I have had in the shop, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the fact of course that now I can paint all day with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints......
life simply can't get any better!
I love having the tea party in the shop as well, so the dolly trolley is there and of course a few of my favourite cups, jugs, edwardian 3 tiered cake stands and teapots!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Jilly Tilly & Boo the shop has officially arrived!

Well after around the clock painting by myself and my husband David (doing 10 hour shifts each), on the 13th October we finally opened. I do really feel like I have died and gone to heaven, and this isn't really working, as I talk about vintage china, fabrics, Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, furniture, Angela's (The English Romantic) lovely stitch textiles and either paint or wax all day long! Life just can't get any better than this...
On my half days (Tuesday and Thursday), Angela has volunteered to cover for me, but she has to chuck me out most of the time, otherwise I end up staying and chatting to the customers.

We have done some courses with great feedback, more available on the 4th December 12-2pm and 10th December 6.30-8.30pm, and if we can find another free Saturday, we will try and slot one in. If anyone has any special requests, just let me know as we are always happy to help where we can. Come up the stairs to visit us, as we always enjoy a good chat, as many of our regular customers will confirm!
Take care Jilly

Friday, 5 October 2012

The New Shop

At last the shop is finally taking shape and we are still hoping to open in just over a week, so if you are passing feel free to nip up and see us at : 7B High Street, Wellington. Somerset TA21 8QT
We will be stocking the world famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and waxes, advising on her fabrics and taking painting classes too!

In the shop we will also have shabby chic/distressed furniture, gifts, soft furnishings, Jilly's Vintage Tea Party Hire and lots more. I can't wait to get everything ready for our opening day and will post a confirmation of the date early next week. So thanks to all the lovely people who have already helped at the shop, keep following to watch our progress and if you are interested in doing a course, we will be confirming the dates very soon.
Take care Jilly

New adventures

Annie Sloan and Jilly 

What a truly wonderful day I had on a stockists course with the fabulous artist/paint shop owner Annie Sloan, she truly is inspirational and so are her paints, waxes and fabrics.
I honestly felt like I had died and gone to heaven, to finally meet her and learn lots of useful tips for painting furniture, floors, etc even boots, using the amazing CHALK PAINTS AND CREAMY WAXES. I also got to go into her shop and look around too, and wow was I inspired to go away and spread the word on just how versatile her chalk paints are!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wedding Show At Mount Somerset Hotel

Well what a wonderful experience attending  a wedding show was, Angela (The English Romantic) and I had lots of fun setting up both her lovely items and mine. Take a look at Angela's blog, as she remembered her camera and I only had my iPhone, so her pictures are far better than mine. We dressed the F&M Hampers, plus two tables with the vintage crockery, wedding favours etc and another lady called Kate Gibbins at Windmill Farm Flowers set up lots of lovely vintage flower displays on our tables too! We had such lovely comments on how beautiful both our displays were, and lets hope & pray that we get to meet some future Mr & Mrs who will love our vintage items as much as we do!

Angela and I are now no longer in The Old Sale Room, but something exciting is now on the horizon, in the form of a New Shop based in Wellington. The new shop will be home to Annie Sloan paints and courses, gifts, soft furnishings,  shabby chic/distressed furniture and of course vintage crockery for sale and hire!!! 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

I'm Late I'm Late for Teacup Tuesday

There is nothing like homemade scones, clotted cream and some lovely homemade strawberry conserve, to make you feel relaxed!

Well I must say after several hours running around, doing a photo shoot for the Jilly's Vintage Tea Party and not eating much all day, I really felt like sleeping.
So now that  I am sitting down with a lovely cup of tea and a Devon-shire style scone, (made by me) it was quite a relief for it finally to be over.....hope you like the photographs!
More will be showing up over the next few weeks, as I now  have the cds through, with all the photographs on.
This is one of my favourite cups, made by Salisbury and  I have even managed to get some "apostle" teaspoons too.

Take care Jilly

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My second Teacup for Teacup Tuesday

I just love this beautiful Tuscan pink trio, and what is even more
wonderful, is that I have three more just the same too! I couldn't resist this set when I found them, they are for sale in the shop in Wellington (The Old Sale Rooms), but I don't really mind if they stay for a little while be The Old Romantic and I, could share a pot of Earl Grey.

My Grandmother's Teacup

I just love this little mug, which my late Grandmother, used to call her "little teacup", apparently when she was young! It looks so typically child like, and has such sweet little pictures on, that one simply has to adore it!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Teacup Tuesday Memories

As I sit here this morning sipping my cup of tea, thinking back to a holiday from my youth (although now seems such along time ago), which I took with my big Brother Tim and my beloved Mother Maureen. 

The teacup that I have taken a photograph off today, is reminiscent of that trip to New York State and Washington DC, and the little collectors spoon from DC was one of my Mum's. I remember the excitement of staying in The Howard Johnsons opposite "Watergate" and being encourage (a child treking around sights in heat, you know what I mean), to visit all the DC attractions. We spent two days visiting everything from The White House to Arlington Cemetery and JFK's Eternal flame.

Who would have thought that my late Mother would have kept this little spoon, for me to find all these years later, now I will have to get all the old photograph albums out as well! This beautiful teacup was made by Coalport, and is covered in the most georgous flowers, the design is called "Ming Rose" and as I have the matching teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug, it is just perfect for a special teatime treat!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sunny Days

Well at last the english summer weather has arrived, it is so lovely to sit outside in the garden surrounded by all the beautiful flowers and shrubs, sipping a lovely refreshing cup of tea. The dogs are all finding it a little to warm, so the parasol has been put up to give a little shade, although I think Flynn has found a wandering frog behind a bush so he is pestering the poor thing!
Now off to find the clotted cream, homemade strawberry jam and of course a lovely scone and have a propper Devonshire cream tea.......

Monday, 23 July 2012

Teacup Tuesday

Here is a really beautiful bone china teacup and saucer, called Hammersley made by Spode in England. I think that this is just the most beautiful teacup and I hope you like it to....
Had a really lovely day at The Old Sale Rooms in Wellington, having lots of fun with Angela (The English Romantic), chatting over a lovely cup of tea. We decided to have a craft brainstorming session, and now have lots and lots of wonderful ideas for the weeks to come.....using stamps, flowers etc...

I have also brought out all of my lovely teapots from the cupboard and put them into my booth on the display table. It so great at last to see them all again and I will be posting lots of photographs of them soon.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Martha's Favorites: RED, WHITE & BLUE TEA CUPS!

Martha's Favorites: RED, WHITE & BLUE TEA CUPS!

Martha really does have some truly beautiful cups, I am so impressed with all the different types she has managed to collect over the years...

Friday, 20 July 2012

At 4 o'clock its always a Jilly's Vintage Tea Party, even if there is only two present, so here we go !
Hi had a lovely evening at Neal's Yard party and managed to get a great cup of tea, in one of my Jilly's Vintage Tea Party cups as well.