Friday, 5 October 2012

New adventures

Annie Sloan and Jilly 

What a truly wonderful day I had on a stockists course with the fabulous artist/paint shop owner Annie Sloan, she truly is inspirational and so are her paints, waxes and fabrics.
I honestly felt like I had died and gone to heaven, to finally meet her and learn lots of useful tips for painting furniture, floors, etc even boots, using the amazing CHALK PAINTS AND CREAMY WAXES. I also got to go into her shop and look around too, and wow was I inspired to go away and spread the word on just how versatile her chalk paints are!


  1. Jilly, will the paints work on ordinary melamine office type furniture?

  2. Hi there
    Yes you can paint on ordinary melamine, it would just need to be totally dry before you did a second coat or whatever you wanted to do eg wax, decoupage, crackle glaze etc
    We are going to be running basic paint courses very soon, possibly end Oct/first week Nov. So lots more advice available and a course list should be up and running in the shop when we open.
    Lovely to hear from you and see you soon.
    Take care

  3. Oh Jilly! You are a lucky girl! I have seen Annie's paints here in North Carolina at a gorgeous shop called Bliss. They offer classes but I haven't had a chance to take one yet. I can imagine you were in "heaven" for sure : )