Saturday, 18 August 2012

I'm Late I'm Late for Teacup Tuesday

There is nothing like homemade scones, clotted cream and some lovely homemade strawberry conserve, to make you feel relaxed!

Well I must say after several hours running around, doing a photo shoot for the Jilly's Vintage Tea Party and not eating much all day, I really felt like sleeping.
So now that  I am sitting down with a lovely cup of tea and a Devon-shire style scone, (made by me) it was quite a relief for it finally to be over.....hope you like the photographs!
More will be showing up over the next few weeks, as I now  have the cds through, with all the photographs on.
This is one of my favourite cups, made by Salisbury and  I have even managed to get some "apostle" teaspoons too.

Take care Jilly


  1. I can vouch that the scones were delicious.
    I love this cup and saucer, anything with roses thats me.

  2. Beautiful Tea Jilly! I was unable to get to your site last time I tried, but today I was able to! Yay! If you have Google + sometimes this happens (and I am not sure that was the issue.)
    I am loving your tea setting here! And your tea cup is really lovely!